Can you track your fire door’s journey?

Do you know where your fire doors came from? Could you access the paperwork that would track their journey from manufacture or modification, right through to the present day if you had to? Can you quickly and easily find the details of any replacement parts you need for maintenance on a particular door while you’re on site? A simple little label on the top edge of your fire door can make all this possible – it’s just one of the many advantages of opting for third-party certified fire doors in your build.

We’re members of the BWF Fires Door Alliance and Certifire Scheme, so as well as the peace of mind that comes with knowing that our doors meet industry standards, they also carry the reassurance of full traceability. This means that the full history of the door, including full certification details, is always available to you. It even means that you can quickly source the spec of any components that may need to be replaced, safe in the knowledge that the parts will not only be compatible with the door, but that they will meet the necessary standards to ensure that the door remains compliant.

The BWF-CERTIFIRE label or Q-Mark plug is a simple and effective way of being able to trace and track your door back to its manufacturer and – where appropriate – access its certification (and other key details) quickly and easily. A label with details such as the manufacturer’s name, the door’s fire rating, and a unique reference number for that specific door is placed on the top edge of the door, meaning that every aspect of the door’s journey through the supply chain is trackable.

As these details are tied to each door for the duration of its use, the label should remain in place throughout the door’s operating life, but in the event of accidental damage or wear and tear making the details illegible, a replacement label can be supplied; you’ll need to submit paperwork such as receipts and an inspection may be required to confirm the door’s origin.

If you want the assurance that comes with being able to access all the details of each door you install in your next build – plus the other benefits of fitting third party certified fire doors – talk to our team, who’ll be happy to provide more details or help you source the right doors for the job.

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