Fire Doors with peace of mind built in

Fire can have devastating consequences. That’s why installing and maintaining the right fire doors is so important. It’s not just about protecting your property; it’s about saving lives.

Launched in 2013, Fire Door Safety Week (31 October to 4 November 2022), provides a vital annual reminder about the crucial role of fire doors, making sure that they are properly maintained and – when it comes to sourcing new doors for a project or replacing existing doors which are no longer safe – the importance of getting the correct spec for your project.

The right fire door can help delay the spread of fire throughout a building. This not only helps limit damage to the property, but – more importantly – it gives those within the building invaluable extra time to either get to safety or await rescue. Depending on the type of doors this could be up to an hour of fire resistance (FD60 doors) or, FD60S providing smoke control as well as fire resistance.

But not all fire doors are equal and not every supplier works to recognised industry standards. Whilst non-accredited or certified suppliers may be operating with the best of intentions, the bottom line is that without complying with these standards, their doors may not provide the expected levels of protection when it matters most.

As Billy Cameron, one of our in-house experts explains, “when sourcing fire doors, you should make sure that your supplier is a member of a recognised third-party certification scheme which provides evidence of compliance with industry regulations. This means that you have the peace of mind of knowing that your door set is produced in a factory which undergoes regular and rigorous audits and that they are able to certify your fire door set.”

Here at Donaldson Door Systems, we offer a wide range of fire door sets from internal to flat entrance and common lobby/stairwell doors. And every door we supply complies with the highest industry standards and certification schemes, ensuring the highest possible levels of safety.

We’re one of only a handful of companies in Scotland to be members of both the BWF Certifire and Q-Mark certification schemes, so you have the assurance of knowing that all our fire doors are made to the highest industry standards. All our fire safety products are tested to BS476-22.1987 or BS EN 1634-1:2014 standards, and we undergo regular audits to ensure that we maintain our industry certifications.

As part of our commitment to fire door safety, we’re proud to be supporting Fire Door Safety Week. If you’d like to find out more about this life saving initiative and the importance of maintaining and inspecting any fire doors you have on site, visit



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